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Thorough Roof Assessments

Sellax Roofing provides comprehensive roof assessments, conducted by our team of experienced technicians who possess a keen eye for identifying potential issues. 


Our roof assessments are thorough and meticulous. We examine every aspect of your roof, from structural integrity to material condition, identifying any signs of wear, damage, or potential vulnerabilities. Our goal is to catch problems early, preventing minor issues from escalating into major repairs.

After our assessment, we provide you with a detailed roof report. This report includes all the data you need – from the current condition of your roof to recommendations for maintenance or repairs.


Ensure the Health of Your Roof with a Professional Assessment. Contact Sellax Roofing for a Detailed Roof Report Today.

We will get a tech team scheduled to visit your property as soon as possible. AT this stage we will ask for budget pre-approval and payment info (if you’re a new client).

Depending on the location and access, we usually have technicians on site within 24 hours.

Our experienced technicians will identify the leak source and make a permanent repair. If a full repair is not possible, we will create a temporary repair and make a plan for return.

Once our team has attended the leak and performed their investigation, we will send you a full report of the work performed along with your invoice.

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