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What Does “Basic Materials” Mean?

Basic materials such as leak cement, liquid applied mastics, shop supplies, non-re-usable tools, fasteners, etc are all considered “basic materials”. If we require additional materials that are not normally kept in stock and/or have a higher price point, we will contact you to revise our estimate.

Depending on weather, complexity, and the condition of the roof — we may not be able to perform a permanent repair. However, our overall goal is to aim for permanent repair but at the very least, a temporary solution to mitigate further water intrusion.

Yes! However, if your property is located outside of the GTA, a standard fee may be applied to your invoice. This will depend on where you are located. You can call Sellax anytime to get an out of boundaries service estimate.

For most repairs we offer a 30 day OR first rainfall guarantee (whichever comes first). However this may not apply for every repair. As you will see in our Terms & Conditions page, some situations and roofs may not qualify for any guarantee. (An example of this is if the roof is in such a state of disrepair that repairs may not achieve the desired results).

In most cases YES! However, it is critical to understand that roofing is a very complex trade. While the budgets and estimates that we provide are very reasonable and are usually accurate, there is always the possibility that repairs may be more complex than expected. Typically the older the roof system is, the greater the risk of more complex repair situations.

For the most part — yes. The reason for this is simply due to safety and conditions. Finding a leak and safely setting up becomes slower when conditions are poor. It is very important to note that repairs may be more costly during the winter but may also just take more time to resolve.

YES! – The most ideal scenario for any property manager or owner is to have a annual maintenance plan in place. Regardless of the size or age of your roof, problems can develop very fast — especially in climates where temperatures greatly fluctuate. We offer custom annual maintenance plans that are designed to stop leaks before they happen. Prevention is the best way to fix a leak.

In most cases, our “Do Not Exceed” budget covers most repairs and services that we offer. However, because roofing work must consider so many external factors, we may need to adjust when we get eyes on the issue. If this happens, you can expect the following:


We will contact you and let you know that the scope of work for the repair is going to need more attention than expected.


Once our technicians have had a chance to assess the situation, they will create a repair plan.


As quickly as possible, we will send you a revised estimate that includes the necessary adjustments.


We understand that your top priority is protecting your assets, clients, and property. If we are unable to complete a permanent repair on the same day, we will make a temporary repair until a permanent option is possible.

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