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Leaks can not only be a huge pain, but they can also cost you a lot more if they are not dealt with immediately. Sellax is ready to help!


Our Emergency Leak Service is designed to address roof leaks immediately, minimizing damage to your property and minimizing repair costs. From rapid response to comprehensive reporting, we provide specialized services tailored to your needs.


**Additional Charges May Apply Depending on Weather Conditions and Location. See Terms & Conditions Page for More Detail.**

We will get a tech team scheduled to visit your property as soon as possible. AT this stage we will ask for budget pre-approval and payment info (if you’re a new client).

Depending on the location and access, we usually have technicians on site within 24 hours.

Our experienced technicians will identify the leak source and make a permanent repair. If a full repair is not possible, we will create a temporary repair and make a plan for return.

Once our team has attended the leak and performed their investigation, we will send you a full report of the work performed along with your invoice.


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