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In 2012, our founder, Luis Mendez, his partner Theresa, and their young family had a vision: build something different. They wanted to create a roofing business that was calibrated to the 21st century but remained focused on people and community.


Sellax is more than a roofing business. It stands as a testament to commitment, understanding that every home and building isn’t just a structure, but a repository of dreams and memories. This ethos demands an approach built on family values and a deep sense of responsibility.


Our core principle at Sellax isn’t merely constructing durable roofs—it’s about building relationships, understanding the needs of our clients, and ensuring everyone feels valued and protected beneath our work.


In the world of roofing, Sellax distinguishes itself not just through expertise but through its heart. At Sellax Roofing, we believe in more than just business—it’s about family, community, and shared stories. With every project, we’re not just building roofs, we’re crafting legacy.

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